Hurricane Harvey Relief – Treasures of Courage

Release date: September 22, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Relief – Treasures of Courage

Our Assistant Portfolio Manager, Jackie Stuebs, and her grandson have recently started Treasures of Courage – Joshua 1:9. This organization focuses on giving the children affected by Hurricane Harvey a creative outlet and an opportunity to have some fun. Recently, the Amerisource Team have been helping Jackie to collect new books, crayons, pencils, paints, stickers, coloring books, etc to distribute to the children of Houston. Here is Jackie’s story:

“We started Colors and Crafts for children with Cancer a few years ago. Our donations went to the Texas Children’s Hospital, and they helped occupy the children during their treatments. We recently decided to start giving to children in shelters and other hospitals too. Then, hurricane Harvey struck, and we thought it would be wonderful to give books, backpacks coloring books to the children who were afraid due to flooding, losing their homes and all their possessions.

During this time, we named our organization, Treasures of Courage Joshua 1:9. Children are Treasures (I call my grandkids my Treasures) and through these tough times are very courageous.

My family and I had made several personal donations to shelters and thought I would reach out to my Amerisource Family to help. And help they did! We received over 40 backpacks, books, as well as coloring books, activities and school supplies. We recently delivered these items to Bear Creek Elementary school whose student families have been severely affected by the flooding. They were so grateful to be able to distribute these items to their students. The Bear Creek students are currently being schooled at the High School because the Elementary still does not have running water. I am so proud of my Amerisource family and the way we all come together for our community in times of need.”

Should you wish to provide any help or donations, please contact Jackie at 713.863.8300 ext 325.