Hurricane Relief – 12five Capital

Release date: October 4, 2017

Hurricane Relief – 12five Capital

After seeing the devastation caused by the recent Hurricane in Texas, Jason Bush and Ryan Jaskiewicz from 12five Capital asked themselves “What can we do to help people and businesses in our Factoring community that have been affected by Harvey?”.

In response, Jason and Ryan set-up a “gofundme” page and requested donations from our peers in the commercial finance community. The donations received were converted into Home Depot gift cards and subsequently distributed.

Amerisource Funding | Amerisource Business Capital would like to thank 12five Capital for taking the initiative to engage the Factoring community. Your generous donations have made a difference; they will help many families to rebuild not only their homes but also their lives. Here are some comments from our team, who directly benefitted from your gifts:

“Thank you all for the donation! You truly did a wonderful thing and your kindness means so much to our family. Your generosity will be of huge help during our rebuild process. Again, thanks so much for your support!”

“Thank you very much for being so kind and generous! The gift card will be put to great use. This was very thoughtful and to know there are such kind-hearted people out there makes a hard situation seem overpowered by our society and the people who make it better. Thank you!”

“My wife and I had to evacuate our apartment, not knowing what to do next, but because of people like you, we have a bright future. Thank you for your kind hearts, this will help us getting things that we need for our next place to live”.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to 12five Capital for their thoughtfulness and generosity in offering the Home Depot gift cards. This gift will assist in purchasing the extra materials we needed in the reconstruction process of our home and has offered a bit of relief during a very stressful time. It is so great to work in an industry that not only reaches out to help others but makes you feel like family at the same time. Thank you.”

“Hurricane Harvey was unkind to so many in this city – myself included. I am extremely grateful for your kindness and support.”

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