Hurricane Relief – Helping our clients

Release date: October 3, 2017

Hurricane Relief – Helping our clients

Following Hurricane Harvey, Amerisource employees have been volunteering both their time and energy to help those in need. In support, we are providing them with paid time off during the working day to ensure that their skills are available to those who need them the most!

In the last few weeks Melanie Guzman, Esme Casas, Erica Bogan, Jason Floyd, and Kendra Wilson have been providing support to a client after their home was flooded during Harvey.

“The house was already gutted and removed of all sheetrock, so we came to clean and sanitize the framework and wiring. There was mud and residue from the flood water all on the wiring, so we wiped all that down with Clorox and wet rags. The wood paneling in the framework needed to be scrubbed and stripped down. We had to wipe all that down with Clorox and mold killer/ prevention spray.” said Melanie.

The Amerisource team also power washed the houses external brickwork and helped clean the employee’s garage out.

For more information on Amerisource and our Hurricane Harvey volunteer efforts, please visit: