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Ivana Milosavljevic is from Belgrade in Serbia and studied Business Administration and Management at the Business School “Megatrend”. Originally, she came to the USA as an exchange student and after falling in love with the USA, she has settled down in Chicago.

Her previous work experience includes Business Development at Compass Funding Solutions and various sales roles within the retail sector. Ivana has a special interest in the transport industry and its long-term sustainable growth. She is passionate about helping businesses grow and supporting them through times of change.

She is an active member of the CFA, TMA and Woman US.

In her spare time, Ivana is very interested in fashion and beauty. This is reflected in her employment history, as she opened the first Diane von Furstenberg store in the Midwest. She also regularly supports Clarins Beauty Events, Business Women events and attends Fashions Shows whenever she can.
Ivana also loves to spend time in the outdoors with her husband and daughter.