Outsourced A/R, Credit & Collection Management

Outsourced A/R, Credit & Collection Management

Managing accounts receivable and credit and collections can be an arduous, even distracting, process — especially for small and middle market companies.  Key staff is all too often diverted to deal with these issues, taking them away from important strategic management and growth issues.

If your sales and operations employees are also required to approve credit and collect open accounts receivable, you’re underutilizing their true skill sets — and you’re likely spending way too much money to manage these processes.  And if you’ve hired professionals specifically to handle your Credit and Collections, you’re likely spending more than $200,000 in additional wages and benefits on these functions.  The increased overhead leads to decreased operating leverage and efficiency.

Outsourcing your accounts receivable (“A/R”) management to Amerisource is just plain smart.  Amerisource can handle both of these business-critical needs, without burdening your existing staff, or your pocketbook!  Core Outsourcing Services Provided by Amerisource:

Accounts Receivable Management & Tracking – Detailed ledgering and tracking of all invoices and posting of account debtor payments.

Customer Credit Management and Analysis – We will investigate the creditworthiness of your customers and prospects.  And we will monitor that credit, track pay trends, and maintain individual credit limits for all of your important customers.  So sleep well at night knowing your credit exposures are being continuously monitored by Amerisource.

Collections – Unlimited access to a full staff of courteous and professional collection experts.  Experienced professionals monitor status and progress of all open invoices.  Detailed collection notes are posted to your account aging on our state-of-the-art ledger, accessible by you online 24 hours a day.  Payment or billing issues identified are conveyed to you to assist you in rapid resolution.